Checklist before starting a new Laravel project in the local environment

I am a big fan of Laravel framework , I also love Laracast which I believe it gives you all the gear you need to develop your skill for climbing Laravel’s learning curve.

After developing a couple of Laravel based projects, I made myself a very basic, two items checklist that I now run before starting any new project. The two items are:

  1. Laravel Homestead
  2. Database Seeding and Model Factories

Laravel Homestead

As presented in the Laracast video tutorial, homestead enables you to set up a clean development environment for your application extremely easy and fast.

Database Seeding and Model Factories

Database Seeders and Model Factories as presented in the Laracast video tutorial enable you to automatically populate your application’s database with data samples.These data samples are very useful if but not only e.g. you want to test the front end display of your application.